SEO For A Projector Store

This is a project that is very exciting to us! We love movies here at so these are really products that interest us and that we are more than happy to learn about. Sometimes we get projects to work on and it is really hard to feel motivated by them. Of course we still do as good a job as we can but occasionally we get something that is in line with our interests so it always makes things a bit easier. In this case we are starting a contract for a projector sales business. This website has had no work done to it in terms of internet marketing and all sales come from their existing retail store.


The Plan Of Attack For The Projector Store:

We plan to start out with a press release of their latest products. This includes home projectors, phone projectors, mini projectors, LED projectors and projector screens so there is plenty to talk about! After this we will look for Instagram influencers to promote the products which should help drive traffic. This should get the word around about the new products they have in their store and then we can reassess in 2 months time.



We actually really love this project as we said we are huge movie buffs and who hasn’t always wanted their own Cinema in their house? Before this was something you might see on the MTV show Cribs as it was obviously out of the reach of most people to have their own cinema but with one of these home projectors people can have their own cinema for a fraction of the cost. Not only that but they have projectors that are HD and 4K. You can even play content from your mobile phone, laptop, TV box or basically anything with a HDMI connection.


We here at have already decided to get one for the office. They are perfect for watching bigĀ  sporting events without breaking the bank. You can check out their full range of projectors at and let us know what you think!