Refurbished iPhone Website Campaign

Several years ago we decided to throw our hand at a refurbished iPhone website. As you might have guessed this store was to sell refurbished iPhone’s in Ireland but we never really got around to giving it the effort if needed and deserved. It is an extremely competitive market as you may have guessed but we have decided to give it a go again and have recently launched our website. The plan here is to sell a range of refurbished iPhone’s like the 6S and 7 models on Facebook and Instagram and seeing if we can get any traction.


To go along with this we are also considering opening an offline unit so people can come and view the iPhone’s before deciding to purchase. We will first see if there is much interest online before committing to a lease however. There is plenty of competition online with old websites dominating this space so it is going to be the toughest niche we have had yet we believe and we have had some pretty competitive sites! We believe that this is our toughest job yet and there are a lot of sites selling refurbished iPhones online.


Where to get refurbished iPhone’s?

We need to find a reliable supplier of these refurbished iPhone’s as the last thing we want is a lot of returns and our website getting a bad name. This is obviously the first part to our plan as without the stock we can’t begin any marketing. After sourcing the products we will open up our Shopify store and begin marketing right away. The main draw back with Shopify is that they take 2% on every transaction so if things go well we may well indeed move to the WordPress platform which isn’t as user friendly but it is free to use. Wish us luck on our new journey!




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