Our First Affiliate Website – Electric Bike Conversion Kits!

Finally we have begun our first ever affiliate website. After spending years making websites and marketing them for other businesses we are wondering what all the fuss is about with the affiliate website seen. After all we learned a lot of our marketing techniques from various forums who are mostly inhabited by affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketing is a great business model but we just never really got around to giving it a shot. We spent about two weeks doing research and after coming up with what we think is a suitable niche we decided why not to give it a go?


Electric Bike Conversion Kit Niche:

The niche we came up with is what would be called a micro niche in that focuses on a specific product rather than an entire industry. A lot of time an affiliate marketer will pick a large niche like “travel” and they will be almost endless opportunities and products to promote. We chose to do it this way as it is our first product to be to be honest we just feel like we still don’t have much faith in this business model. Oh and our niche is the electric bike conversion kits niche and called it www.ebikeobsessed.co.uk. This is quite a cool product so we don’t mind writing content about it and we do actually believe in the product so that helps.


electric bike conversion kit affiliate


Content Creation:

We have written out about 5000 words in total for the website and we want to add another 5000 to make it really a solid looking site. One thing we hate here at justsearch.ie is content writing. Whilst we did do all this content ourselves we found it quite boring and mentally exhausting. We hope to outsource most of the content from now on by giving detailed instructions to a content writer. We need to find someone who is willing to put in the research and good content doesn’t come cheap. This is another reason we wanted to try with a small niche site. Doing it this way means we can test how much investment a larger site would need.


The website is already getting some traffic but nothing to get excited about and we expect it will be another 2/3 months before anything of value is really seen. We plan to do a monthly update on this and if all going well then maybe we will set up a few more but we really want to see how this goes first.

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