Hoverboard Ireland Christmas Marketing Campaign – Case Study

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It is coming up to the busiest time of year for most businesses and the scramble is on to get the marketing campaigns set up for Christmas. It seems to be that every year things start to get a bit more hectic each year as competing businesses try to get the edge over each other and this year is no different. When hoverboard Ireland came to us with their website https://www.it-directory.ie we did not have much time to implement a marketing strategy. They have a relatively aged website so that does make things easier and we instantly set about setting up a Google Adwords campaign to catch the Christmas shoppers.


This website sells a range of hoverboards in Ireland and they do not ship internationally so their only focus is here in Ireland. This certainly makes things a lot easier when marketing the website. Christmas is the busiest time for this type of website and we really wish they that came to us even 1 month earlier to give us more time to prepare. In any case it is what it is so we have to do our best in this limited time frame.


Our first port of call is the Google Adwords campaign followed closely by ads on related forums such as boards.ie which is one of the busiest internet forums if not the busiest in Ireland. As their main product is the hoverboard that will be our focus. They also sell other related products such as electric skateboards and kids toys.


We have asked the owners to fix several things on their website. We felt that the logo is not as professional as it could be and that the content was not very well written. These little things can go a long way when it comes to converting your visitors. Tomorrow is the first of November so we have the next six weeks to try make an impression before Christmas. We will then report back with how we got on after the Christmas rush. This is something we need to work hard on so we better get back to work.


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