GlorySmile – Case Study 5

Apologies for the delay in updating the blog in some time. Things have been quite hectic and between work and holidays we put this on the back burner a bit. But we are back with another case study so that is the good news! Our new client is the website who are in the very popular business of teeth whitening products such as teeth whitening strips, teeth whitening kits and other related products. The website is brand new so it is a tough challenge in a competitive space but as we always love a challenge and have never done anything in this market before we thought it would be a good campaign for us.


First things first was the website itself. It is quite a small website so we would love to add more content to their blog and other aspects of the site and give a bit more value to the visitors to the website. We would then like to have a press release as this is a great way to get word out about a new business especially online and it can create a bit of a buzz for the business. We will then begin to make social media profiles and run some competitions to get likes and hopefully create a viral thread in this space.


We are under no illusions of how difficult a task this is considering the big players in the game. This is for sure going to be a long term project and we estimate it will take about 4 – 5 months to start seeing the fruits of our labour. As always patience is key in this business to stay tuned and lets see where we are come Christmas and go from there!

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