Case Study 2 – Electronics and Refurbished iPhone Website

Our second real life case study involves an electronics website based in Ireland called Bonus Electronics. It is a brand new site and we have been given the marketing of it from the get go which is a new challenge for us. We usually deal with businesses that have been up and running for quite a while and need an extra boost in traffic and sales online. This time we were contacted as the website was being made and as it is a solely online business whether or not they achieve will largely com down to the marketing of the website online. As this is our largest project to date we have almost a full time job on our hands with this website.


We have devised a strategy of marketing according to their budget. The main focus of this strategy will be on social media to build the reputation of the site online as a quality and affordable supplier of various electronics. We plan to setup a Facebook page and Twitter profile and run Facebook ads campaigns to promote the website. It is our duty as the marketers of this website to be familiar with what our client is selling and what the customers would be looking for from this sort of site.


Bonus electronics will sell a range of products including bluetooth speakers, headphones, cables as well as branching into other areas such as refurbished iphone’s. Although these products are already available else where so we do have to have a different direction to go with the marketing. This is why social media is so important for this website. As this is such a large project we will probably update this case study every month to keep our potential clients informed on how we can help your business.

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