Android TV Box Website Audit

So 2019 has been good to us and we have another new client here at justsearch and that is the android TV box website For those of you who do not know an android TV box is a small streaming device based on the android operating system much like an android phone. It allows you to download apps which allow to watch movies, live TV and basically access any app you want and display it on your TV. It has become a hugely popular subject recently so there is plenty of competition for these products.


android tv boxThe design of the website is quite basic but it looks pretty good and straight forward to use. In terms of content there is plenty of it and the product descriptions for the android TV boxes and other products seem informative and well written. As mentioned it is a competitive market with many websites now telling these TV boxes. You also have other websites like Amazon who are giants in this field to contend with so there is no shortage of work to be done.


As always our first steps will be to start a FB ads campaign and see how that goes. From there we will also look at Google Adwords however we are not sure if that will be profitable as the keywords are quite expensive for “android TV box” and “android box”. Other important keywords like “TV box” are essentially out of our clients price rang as you would simply be paying too much cost per click to compete with the bigger websites in this area.


Another avenue worth going down is the Instagram ads route. Instagram seems to be doing better than Facebook ads these days so we shall target some users interested in the android TV box products and see if we get a good return. Here is hoping we do!


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