Electric Scooter Store Update

As promised we are doing an update on a clients website that is selling electric scooters for adults. This is actually quite a unique situation as they have decided to change domain names so in essence we have had to start a whole new campaign. Well maybe not start a new campaign but we have had to make a lot of changes and it has been a massive pain as you can imagine. The website like we said sells electric scooters for adults online. This is a relatively new market so it is not as competitive as other markets we have dealt with in the past.



The website is and it is a relatively small, clean looking website. They sell a small range of products including the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter which has gotten a lot of publicity recently as the new electric scooter craze is getting a lot of press all over the world. This is both good and bad as it creates more competition but it also increases awareness of the products so hopefully more people will take an interest in these cool products which should lead to more business for our client.



As they decided to change the domain name we have had to move the whole electric scooter website to a new domain. This essentially means our efforts on the old domain were a waste of time but better to find out now than a few months into the project. We have had to change our URLs and create a new Facebook page for the new website as they won’t let us change the name of the page for some reason.


Our Plan:

After some discussions with our client we have decided to begin advertising on Facebook mainly to create a buzz around the brand. People may not be familiar with the products yet so this will be the first step in making sure people know what an electric scooter for adults can do and why they might need one.


Once this is done we will begin other forms of advertising and possible an affiliate program to bring more traffic to the website. – Ireland’s First Electric Scooter Store

It’s 2019 already and as the years continue to roll on by technology each year continues to come along at a rapid pace. There are a few big niches we have been keeping an eye on and the electric scooter niche is certainly one which we think is going to be big. That is why we are delighted to announce that we will be working with who are Ireland’s first specialized electric scooter store.


Etech are a new company who are only a few months old so it is a great opportunity to be part of something new and exciting. There is quite a lot of competition in the online market place already so it will be quite a challenge but we do love challenges here at They have quite a small store with a range of about 5 or 6 electric scooters for adults and they are also adding some kids electric scooters to the mix soon so there is plenty to work on.

electric scooter site


The plan:

Well we plan to do mostly AdWords advertising for the electric scooter marketing. There is note a huge amount of demand yet but that might change as they get more popular down the road. The etech website is made on wordpress which is very SEO friendly so we hope to get some natural backlinks to the website as they are planning on doing some off line advertising such as radio in Dublin and also on some popular forums like As always we will report back in 60 days and see what progress has been made. Check out their website for more information on electric scooters.




SEO For A Projector Store

This is a project that is very exciting to us! We love movies here at so these are really products that interest us and that we are more than happy to learn about. Sometimes we get projects to work on and it is really hard to feel motivated by them. Of course we still do as good a job as we can but occasionally we get something that is in line with our interests so it always makes things a bit easier. In this case we are starting a contract for a projector sales business. This website has had no work done to it in terms of internet marketing and all sales come from their existing retail store.


The Plan Of Attack For The Projector Store:

We plan to start out with a press release of their latest products. This includes home projectors, phone projectors, mini projectors, LED projectors and projector screens so there is plenty to talk about! After this we will look for Instagram influencers to promote the products which should help drive traffic. This should get the word around about the new products they have in their store and then we can reassess in 2 months time.



We actually really love this project as we said we are huge movie buffs and who hasn’t always wanted their own Cinema in their house? Before this was something you might see on the MTV show Cribs as it was obviously out of the reach of most people to have their own cinema but with one of these home projectors people can have their own cinema for a fraction of the cost. Not only that but they have projectors that are HD and 4K. You can even play content from your mobile phone, laptop, TV box or basically anything with a HDMI connection.


We here at have already decided to get one for the office. They are perfect for watching big  sporting events without breaking the bank. You can check out their full range of projectors at and let us know what you think!




Hoverboard Ireland Christmas Marketing Campaign – Case Study

hoverboard ireland

It is coming up to the busiest time of year for most businesses and the scramble is on to get the marketing campaigns set up for Christmas. It seems to be that every year things start to get a bit more hectic each year as competing businesses try to get the edge over each other and this year is no different. When hoverboard Ireland came to us with their website we did not have much time to implement a marketing strategy. They have a relatively aged website so that does make things easier and we instantly set about setting up a Google Adwords campaign to catch the Christmas shoppers.


This website sells a range of hoverboards in Ireland and they do not ship internationally so their only focus is here in Ireland. This certainly makes things a lot easier when marketing the website. Christmas is the busiest time for this type of website and we really wish they that came to us even 1 month earlier to give us more time to prepare. In any case it is what it is so we have to do our best in this limited time frame.


Our first port of call is the Google Adwords campaign followed closely by ads on related forums such as which is one of the busiest internet forums if not the busiest in Ireland. As their main product is the hoverboard that will be our focus. They also sell other related products such as electric skateboards and kids toys.


We have asked the owners to fix several things on their website. We felt that the logo is not as professional as it could be and that the content was not very well written. These little things can go a long way when it comes to converting your visitors. Tomorrow is the first of November so we have the next six weeks to try make an impression before Christmas. We will then report back with how we got on after the Christmas rush. This is something we need to work hard on so we better get back to work.


GlorySmile – Case Study 5

Apologies for the delay in updating the blog in some time. Things have been quite hectic and between work and holidays we put this on the back burner a bit. But we are back with another case study so that is the good news! Our new client is the website who are in the very popular business of teeth whitening products such as teeth whitening strips, teeth whitening kits and other related products. The website is brand new so it is a tough challenge in a competitive space but as we always love a challenge and have never done anything in this market before we thought it would be a good campaign for us.


First things first was the website itself. It is quite a small website so we would love to add more content to their blog and other aspects of the site and give a bit more value to the visitors to the website. We would then like to have a press release as this is a great way to get word out about a new business especially online and it can create a bit of a buzz for the business. We will then begin to make social media profiles and run some competitions to get likes and hopefully create a viral thread in this space.


We are under no illusions of how difficult a task this is considering the big players in the game. This is for sure going to be a long term project and we estimate it will take about 4 – 5 months to start seeing the fruits of our labour. As always patience is key in this business to stay tuned and lets see where we are come Christmas and go from there!

Is it ok to get second hand iPhone’s for sale?


Refurbished Phone: A refurbished phone is a phone which is either sent back by its user or was simply sold on by its previous owner and then necessary repair is done to make it work properly as a new one. A customer may send back his phone to its provider because there was some fault on the phone or for some other reason.

Refurbished phone generally comes with the original packing, but may not include all the accessories, but mandatory accessories will be provided when needed. But refurbished phones are tested and usually come with a warranty. Some time extended warranty is also provided with such phones by the seller.

Grades have been provided to understand the quality of the product. The grades are as follows:

refurbished iphones

Grade A – Grade A phones are those phones which will appear as a new one. There can be some minor signs of wear and tear.

Grade B – Grade B phones are those phones which may have some scratches, chips or other forms of light cosmetic damages.

Grade C – Grade C phones are those phones which will appear from the external view that they are used phones. They will have signs of wear and tear. But will be really low priced.

Buying a refurbished phone can be a very good option if you are looking to buy a particular phone that is currently high priced. The phone can be bought at a relatively lower price with almost same quality. But to buy such phones, you should have some specific knowledge to get best out of such phones.

How to buy a refurbished phone?

Select your phone: At first select a phone that you are eager to buy. If you can wait for the drop down of the price, then you should wait. But if you need to buy it now then you can go for the refurbished phone such as from who are leading sellers in Ireland.

Choose your seller: You need to choose a vendor from whom you will buy a refurbished phone. You can buy it from a local mobile phone dealer or online shopping websites. There are a number of sellers on the internet from whom you can buy such phones. You can also choose a trusted mobile phone dealer to buy the phone. From wherever you buy, make sure that they sell you the genuine product. Read the entire configuration carefully before you buy.

Check the warranty period: After selecting the vendor you should verify the seller according to their product. Different sellers provide different warranty on the same product. You should go for that seller, which provide maximum warranty period. So do check the warranty period.

Understand the return policy: You should always check the return policy of the vendor you have chosen. Definitely, the return policy will be for a limited period, but make sure that whatever time period is given, you can check the product and will be able to return in that time period.

So before buying a refurbished phone do make a proper analysis of the product with the vendor.

Case Study 3 –

This next case study is for the very competition security industry so again another challenge we are happy to take on (we love testing ourselves!).


As the crime rate around the nation continues to rise, more and more homeowners have invested in security systems to enhance the overall security of their home. Security alarms are great, but you should also purchase a few CCTV cameras. These devices will give you the ability to monitor and record criminal activity, so the perpetrator can be prosecuted and locked away. Of course, it is pertinent to make sure your CCTV cameras are strategically located. Below, you’ll find tips for ensuring correct placement.

High And Hidden

Although you’ll want to make sure your cameras are capable of spotting the crook, it is best to ensure the crook is unable to spot your cameras. Cameras can be a good deterrence, but they can also become a target. If the criminal is able to reach your camera, he or she will simply destroy it and make it inoperable, before entering your home. Keep the camera off of the ground and concealed to prevent this from happening.

Maximum Coverage

Secondly, it is also important to make sure your camera is capable of monitoring as much space as possible. Don’t stick the camera in the corner, where it will be unable to spot criminals. Instead, it should be placed in the precise location in which the criminal will most likely attempt to make entry.

Do A Little Trimming

If you happen to live around trees and bushes, you’ll want to trim them down. Not only will this increase the visibility of your camera, but also it’ll help to eliminate hiding places. This will increase the effectiveness of your cameras, while decreasing the potential for a break-in.